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Why You Should Use Bahl Homes

Contracting Licenses

Bring Along a General Contract

There are 2 brokers in Bahl Homes, Donald J. Bahl & DJ Bahl, his son. Both are Real Estate Brokers, which is not unusual. What is surprising about this father and son team is that both are also General B-1 Contractors. This dual licensing gives YOU an unequal advantage in selling your home. The first question that comes to mind is, "Why is it important for the Real Estate Broker to be a General Contractor?" I am glad you asked this question.

What Really Needs to be Repaired in the Reports?

Today's real estate transactions are complex and becoming more so each year. The standard real estate form contains many inspection items. The Home Inspection and the Pest & Dry Rot are two that could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars. When you are selling your home today, there is nobody who stands between the repair contractor and you, the seller. The seller is responsible for correcting the agreed upon work in your home, but who checks the contractor's work estimate? There can be many instances when the work called for does not need to be done. In a standard transaction, there is only one Pest & Dry Rot Company called in. The prices given are usually outrageous and the repairs to be done should always be checked. Is the typical real estate agent going to have the knowledge to check this for you? The answer is a resounding, "NO".This is a KEY part of the services we can offer.

We Can Do Any Prelisting Repairs

We offer another key service to our clients.  These are prelisting repairs.  As licensed General Contractors, we are qualified to do repairs on your home. When you are selling your home in today’s real estate environment, you will be required to disclosure if work done on your home was done by licensed contracts. When you use Bahl Homes, you can also check yes. If it becomes necessary to use other contractors as well, we will supervise the work being done to insure that is being done correctly.

Bahl Homes Has Built Over 620 Houses!

Since we have built over 620 houses, we have also been the seller of 620 houses. We know what it is like to be a seller. Maybe you will meet a real estate agent, who in the course of their career has sold over 620 houses (which is unlikely), but you will not meet many who have sold 620 of their own houses. We have! There is a tremendous difference between selling someone else's house and a house where you have a financial interest. Having done this ourselves, we can steer you clear of many pitfalls that are waiting for you. Most important of all, we can save you MONEY. By watching the contractors, we have saved money for the seller. We were just involved in a sale where a roofing contractor said work needed to be done on a roof before he would give a warranty. We went up on the roof and saw no problem. Since we are General Contractors, we gave the buyers a 1 year warranty on the roof. Free to our seller, of course!