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We Don't See You as a Form to be Filled Out.


What Sets Us Apart from our Competition? It is Our Personalized Service.

Donald J. Bahl & Associates is Bahl Homes' Mortgage Company. We are a full service mortgage broker offering a full menu of mortgage products and substantial discounts for originating and closing your mortgage.

It seems that nowadays you can receive a loan from just about anywhere. Credit Unions, Banks, Mortgage Brokers are just a few of the places you can obtain a loan. Why should you use us? Getting a low rate and not over paying on costs are expectations you have no matter who you use to obtain your loan. What sets us apart from the rest? We pride ourselves in personalized service and education. When you call your lender, is your phone call promptly returned? Were they able to answer your questions? Or were you told that they could not answer your questions and that the person who could, was unavailable and you had to leave a voice. Or worse have you fallen into the black hole of answered emails and texts. With Donald J. Bahl & Associations, we just don't want to get you a loan, but we really want to make sure you understand the process. That you have all your questions answered in a prompt and timely manner. This is what sets us apart from our competition.

Just beginning your search for the right home? Before you even start shopping, consider getting pre-approval from Donald J. Bahl & Associates. In today's real estate environment, it is expected to submit a preApproval letter with your offer. We can you become preApproved for a loan.

Do you already own a home and are looking to refinance? We can help you.

Mystified about home loans? Let us help you find the information you need.