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Bahl Patio Homes - Yukon Village

1461 Yukon Drive

We took a 10 year break from building houses before we built these houses, It is an interesting story as to how these houses came about. We owned 3 lots on Yukon Drive which had never been built on. They were left over from an old fire road which was required by the City when we built Bahl Patio Homes - Sunnyvale Saratoga Road.

A couple named Jerry & Peggy Pattison approached us about designing a new Patio Home and building it for them on one of these lots.

To make a long story short, we designed and built the Pattison's a house located at 1469 Yukon Drive. This house is interesting in the fact that it does not have a conventional furnace and air conditioner. The house is heated and cooled by a heat pump. The heat pump uses the heating and cooling capacity of the pool (We built a pool in the front yard of their house) In this house, we put the heating/cooling unit where the powder room is located in the other 9 houses.

We used the design to build 10 houses. 3 are located on Yukon Drive and 7 are located on Cheyenne Drive which are called Bahl Patio Homes Cheyenne South. You can view the Floorplans for these houses.

We wanted to build an upscale Bahl PatioHome. These homes have exposed wood beam ceilings in almost every room of the house. The living room and all of the upstairs have cathedralceilings. The upstairs was designed as a master bedroom suite. There is an inside laundry room. The houses were built with air condition and solar hot water. This is why the water heater is upstairs. When we built these houses, the City of Sunnyvale required all new construction to have solar hot water heaters.

When we designed these three houses, they backed up to single family houses. They also sided up to a 1 story Bahl Patio Home on the South side and to the owner of the Sunnyvale Nursery on the North side. As far as a Patio Home are concerned, one of its main features is privacy. In order to protect the privacy of the existing homeowners and our future clients, we designed it so that all of the windows upstairs are above head height. The only window which is at eye level upstairs is in the upstairs study. This window looks out onto the roof. So we were able to build a two story Patio Home and still have it be completely private.

DJ Bahl moved into 1461 Yukon Drive and lived there for 6 years. DJ designed an bathroom for the upstairs bedroom. DJ sold his house before he built it but it was built by the people who bought DJ house. Here is the floor plan for the bathroom.

We have sold all of these house once when we built them. Nobody can help you sell your Bahl Patio Home Better than Bahl Homes. We built them, live in them ourselves & Love them. Here is a example of a Yukon Village Bahl Patio Home we listed and sold for the owner.

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