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Below is a complete list of the more than 650 houses we have built and lots we have developed. We have included a wide variety of information on the houses we have built. On some tracts we have included original brochures, original pictures, magazine articles and some great stories for each subdivision we built. These are the kind of stories only the builder knows about your house. We have also tried to include interesting details you might not have known about your home.

We sorted the subdivision we built by city with a special section for Bahl Patio Homes. To find your Bahl built subdivision, 1st locate the city, then click on the original Subdivision Name. We have included area maps to help you find your Subdivision easier. Some Tracts have their own more detailed home page. We will be adding to these pages as we get more time and information. If you have any story, picture, brochure or magazine article that you would like to contribute to our web site, please email web@bahl.com.

Homes We Built Listed by City

Information For Bahl Patio Homes

  • Bahl Patio Homes (Information on All Patio Homes Including the Bahl Cluster Homes)

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