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Garden Terrace Patio Homes

Model Home
Model Home 1974 - Photographer cut off a branch of a fruit tree and hung it out while He took the picture

We built 11 Bahl Patio Homes in this tract. This development won a Pacific Coast Builder's Conference GOLD NUGGET award and an American Institute of Architect national award. The photo above of the front of the model home was used in the judging for the Gold Nugget. There are 3 variations of the floor plans. The variations include roof line changes, fireplace locations, window size and locations. Here is one of the floorplan.

This project was also featured in the 1974 October Issues of House & Home.

When we purchased this property in 1972, horses were grazing on the property. There was an original farm house on the property. Behind the house was a large trellis covered in vines. We kept the trellis and it is located in the backyard of 2142 Garden Terrace.

Have you ever wonder why our circle street has two name? Originally both streets (Woodleaf Way & Garden Terrace) were planned to connect to Sleeper Avenue in a horse shoe design. When Merek built the houses on the front side of the circle, he petitioned the City of Mountain View to allow him to have 1 street connecting to sleeper instead of two. This way he was able to put an extra lot into his subdivision.

On this subdivision, we always get asked what houses did we actual build. We built 11 patio homes in 1974, and one custom house in 1992. We sold 11 lots to Juls Duk and he built his house in 1976. We have marked out this tract map showing who built which lots. Merek built out the remaining houses on the circle.

We have sold all of these house once when we built them. Nobody can help you sell your Bahl Patio Home Better than Bahl Homes. We built them, live in them ourselves & Love them. Here is a example of a Garden Terrace Bahl Patio Home we listed and sold for the owner. Put our expertise to work for you.

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