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The Names & People of Bahl Homes

Here is a chronological list of the names we have used in the past. Many refer to the projects that we were building at the time. There is also some overlap as at some times we ran multiple companies. We have also listed some of the people who worked with us during that time.

  • In the Past Bahl Homes has conducted business under the following names
    • Ball Realty
    • Winsor Development Company
      • Peter R. Hodgkinson
    • Ponderosa Pines
    • Franklin-Windsor Development
      • Peter R. Hodgkinson
      • David R. Franklin
    • Franklin Bahl Development Company
      • David R. Franklin
    • Bahl Patio Homes
    • Bahl Cluster Homes

  • Family Members who have worked at Bahl Homes
    • Julius Bahl
    • Mathilda Bahl
    • Donald J. Bahl
    • Jon Mark Bahl
    • Authur Bruce Bahl
    • DJ Bahl
    • Kendle Bahl