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These 7 houses have a very similar design as the 3 houses we built around the corner on Yukon Drive. The only real design difference is that we moved the downstairs cold air return for the furnace. In the original design it was located directly under the furnace. This put the cold air return in the kitchen. We moved the cold air return to the platform at the bottom of the stairs. We put a big sheet metal pipe in the slab. It runs from under the stairs to under the furnace in the laundry room. By moving the return, we accomplished two things. First this obscured the return and secondly it made the furnace quieter. The only other design difference involves 528, 508 & 504 Cheyenne Drive. These houses sits on the corner and we had to detach the garages. The reason we had to detach the garages is because the city requires that you have a 40 foot clear triangle on corner lots.

As we started building the houses on Yukon Drive, Sunnyvale Nursery had decided to sell off the Northern end of the nursery. We bought the land from the nursery and subdivided the land into 7 lots. As with every Patio Home project the planning staff and the Planning Commission recommended denial, but the City Council approved the project.

On the North West corner there sat a building which in the past had been owned by George Egusa. He operated a repair garage. However George's garage did not cater to cars but to tractors. He was well know to the farmers of the area.

We have sold all of these house once when we built them. Nobody can help you sell your Bahl Patio Home Better than Bahl Homes. We built them, live in them ourselves & Love them. We listed and sold 516 Cheyenne Drive for the owner. Put our expertise to work for you.

To see the floorplans and history of how we came about building these houses,
please see the Bahl Patio Homes - Yukon Village webpage.

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  • Complete Tract Map
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  • All Address of Bahl Patio Homes built in the Cheyenne South Tract
    • 528 Cheyenne Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94087
    • 524 Cheyenne Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94087
    • 520 Cheyenne Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94087
    • 516 Cheyenne Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94087
    • 512 Cheyenne Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94087
    • 508 Cheyenne Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94087
    • 504 Cheyenne Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94087

Partial Tract Map shown Below

Partial Tract Map of Cheyenne South