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Countryway Los Altos Hills

This property has a long and complicated history. We first entered into contract to buy this property in 1973. We tried get this map approved for over 5 years. We were always turned down. We were told we needed to have a Los Altos Hills partner. We just did not understand what we were being told. Eventfully we gave up and sold this property to Woolworth. He added 1 more lot to our map which had been unacceptable to the City of Los Altos Hills for xx years and got it approved. About 1 year latter, we received a call from the District Attorneys office asking if we had been asked for a bride from the Mayor or Council members. We had but we just did not know what a "Los Altos Hills Partner" was.

There is another interesting story related to this project. One of the people who was opposed to this project was Wally Stegner. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1972 and was on the Sierra Club's board of directors in the mid 1960. While he was was opposing our project, he was subdividing his own land which was located near ours. He was successful in subdividing his property. This was quite hypocritical on his part.

Partial Tract Map