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Remodel of A Small Townhouse in Sunnyvale

On this job we acted as General Contractors, Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Brokers
We remodeled the kitchen the bathroom, installed hardwood floors and replaced the furnance.

Bathroom During Remodel
Bathroom Before Remodel
Finished Bathroom
Bathroom after remodel
Kitchen During Remodel
Kitchen Before Remodel
Finished Kitchen Kitchen After Remodel

We Acted in the Following Capacities for this Job:

  • As General Contractors We:
    • Obtained the Building Permits
    • Help Select the Materials
    • Bid the Job
    • Selected the Sub Contractors
    • Supervised the Work
    • Provided Manual Labor
  • As Real Estate Agents We:
    • Sold the Customers Home
    • Helped the Customer Buy this Home
  • As Mortgage Brokers We:
    • Arranged Financing to Purchase Home
    • Arranged Equity Line for Remodel

Scope of Work

  • The Kitchen was Completely Remodeled
    • All New Kitchen Cabinets
    • All New Appliances
    • Granite Tile Counters
    • Opening was Added to Living Room
    • Bookcase which matches Kitchen Cabinets was Installed
    • A Commercial Roof Vent fan for Complete Elimination of Odors& Grease
  • The Bathrooms were Completely Remodeled
    • New Tub
    • Custom Tile
    • Custom Shower Doors
    • Skylight was Added
    • New Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets
  • Hardwood Floors were added Throughout
    • Wood Stairs Refinished
    • Carpet in Bedrooms
  • Miscellaneous Upgrades
    • New Furnace was installed
    • Gutters were added to roof
    • Gas line was extended for Dryer