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Options for Shady Springs

Shady Springs in Mountain View & Shady Springs in Los Altos are the same houses. These two tracts are interesting because we offered many different options. We had a binder of black & white photos which the buyers could choose the options from. Below are several of the surviving photos. In fact we almost offered too many options. We also built some of the house as spec houses. This means we picked out the options, built the house & then offered the finish house for sale.


There are too many Options that we gave to the buyers to make different categories for each option. So what we have done is to group the major options together. As you can see as you look at the pictures, there are multiple exterior treatment options, ceiling options, floor options, wall options, interior doors options, roof options & lighting options just to name a few. An interesting note about the rock on the walls. We used real rock. Unlike the fake stick on stone that is used today.