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Remodel of A Large House in Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Remodel

On this job we acted as Developers, General Contractors, Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Brokers

On this house we built 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a breakfast room, extended the Master Bedroom Closet and remodeled the Kitchen. We also built a freestanding Cabana with a kitchenette and full bathroom. Below is a complete scope of work and a few pictures.

We Acted in the Following Capacities for this Job:

  • As Developers We:
    • Prepared and Recorded a Parcel Map
  • As General Contractors We:
    • We Obtained the Building Permits
    • Help Select the Materials
    • Bid the Job
    • Selected the Sub Contractors
    • Supervised the Work
    • Provided Manual Labor
  • As Real Estate Agents We:
    • Sold the Customers Home
    • Helped the Customer Buy this Home
  • As Mortgage Brokers We:
    • Arranged Financing to Purchase Home
    • Arranged Equity Line for Remodel

Scope of Work

  • The House Addition Included:
    • 2 Bedrooms were Added
    • 1 Bathroom was Added
    • The Hall was Extended
    • French Doors were Added at the End of the Hall
    • The Master Bedroom Closet was Extended
    • The Breakfast Room was Extended
  • A New Cabana was Built with the following Features:
    • 2" x 6" Pine Walls
    • Full Bathroom
    • Kitchenette
    • Irregular Sized Stone Floor
    • Exposed Beam Ceiling
    • Dressing Room
  • Parts of The House that were Remodeled
    • The Kitchen
    • 1 of the Bathrooms
    • The Hardwood Floors were Refinished
    • The Laundry Room
    • Skylights were Added
  • Miscellaneous Items
    • A Retaining Wall with Patio was Added off the New Bedrooms
    • Brick Wainscoting was Added to the Front of the House
1/2 of Cabana Interior
1/2 of Cabana Interior
Side of Cabana
Excavation for Cabana